Books I have EDITED

Books I have proofread

A Spark in the Dark by Amy Davies

Alfred Dickie’s Utility Bill by Peter Tertzakian

Aligned by Hortense Le Gentil

The BioDiet by Dr. David G. Harper

The Client-Centered Law Firm by Jack Newton

Code Your Way Up by Greg Thomas

The Content Fuel Framework by Melanie Deziel

The Experimental Leader by Melanie Parish

The Grassroots Leadership Revolution by Glain Roberts-McCabe

Fearless by Janice McDonald

Indigenous Relations by Bob Joseph with Cynthia F. Joseph

The Legacy of Windfields Farm by Colin Nolte and Michael Armstrong

Nobody Tips a Scandiscope by Peter Tertzakian

Obviously Awesome by April Dunford

The Responsibility Ethic by Adam Kreek

Sell the Way You Buy by David Priemer

Wake up Before Your Wake-Up Call by Toni Parker

Wild Heart Spirit Heart by Susan Turner

Books I have copy edited

Big Enough by Lee LeFever

Everything British Columbia by Bethany Lindsay and Andrew Weichel

Exactly What to Say by Phil M. Jones, Chris Smith, and Jimmy Mackin

The Reinventionist Mindset by Joe Jackman