Copy Editor. Proofreader. Proposal Writer. Literary Enthusiast.

I am a freelance copy editor, proofreader, and proposal writer. I have an Editing Certificate and a Master of Publishing from Simon Fraser University. Previously I worked at Greystone Books where I reviewed incoming submissions for quality and suitability.

When receiving a copy edit from me, you can expect thoughtful queries so that we can be sure your writing conveys exactly what you would like to say. For proposals, I can help you write one from scratch or review what you already have. I am a whiz at proposals and query letters as I reviewed thousands during my time at Greystone.

“Taisha has been a key figure in my writing education. She gave tough yet constructive feedback on early ideas. She is honest and polite, yet not afraid to give advice. She intimately understands the publishing world, its quirks, and the people in the industry.” –Jeroen van Zeeland

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